Seyed Amirhossein Mohammad Getmiri known as "Sedkhareji" is an Iranian composer and film editor. He was born on May 5, 1992 in Tehran

Seyed Amirhossein Mohammad Getmiri


Seyed Amirhossein Mohammad Getmiri known as "Sedkhareji" is an Iranian composer and film editor. He was born on May 5, 1992 in Tehran. Enthusiasts in arts, Amirhossein began composing Iranian music when he was a teenager. After a few years of professional career in music his old interest in movies took him to the world of movie composing. Soon after his entrance to movie industry, he began Film editing and did several projects for the Iranian state TV. Amirhossein is mostly known for "1400" released in April 2022. 1400 attracted a lot of attention and raised discussions. Sociologists, political figures, and celebrities reacted to 1400. Amirhossein is working on his first feature movie these days.


Latest Contents

  • ✔️ 1- TV host Azadeh Namdari passed away
    ✔️ 2- The fire of Arvandkanar palm trees
    ✔️ 3- Fires in the forests of Gilan
    ✔️ 4- The fire of Zagros wetlands and forests
    ✔️ 5- Fire of Dez and Karkheh forests
    ✔️ 6- The dollar price in the beginning of the year is 1,400 24,450 Tomans
    ✔️ 7- Fatigue of the medical staff in dealing with the dreaded corona virus
    ✔️ 8- The strange sitting style of Isa Kalantari, the head of the Environmental Protection Organization at the time
    ✔️ 9- Third place in the Mr. Olympia competition by Hadi Chopan
    ✔️ 10- The death of Siamak Atlasi, a film and television actor
    ✔️ 11- Consecutive earthquakes in Bandar Abbas
    ✔️ 12- Demolition of unauthorized villas by order of the judiciary
    ✔️ 13- The viral clip "Delbar Man Mashinme"
    ✔️ 14- Viral clip of Isfahani girl's stabbing
    ✔️ 15- Golat (fifth consecutive championship) Persepolis
    ✔️ 16- Winning the Cannes Festival Grand Prize by Asghar Farhadi
    ✔️ 17- The death of Fareshta Tayerpour Cinemagar
    ✔️ 18- Holding the mourning ceremony of the first decade of Muharram in compliance with health measures to fight against Corona
    ✔️ 19- The beautiful nature of Lake Urmia
    ✔️ 20- Holding the debates of the 13th round of Iran's presidential elections
    ✔️ 21- Ahmadinejad climbing over the fences of the Ministry of Interior
    ✔️ 22- Ali Larijani's election teaser
    ✔️ 23- Election documentary of Amir Hossein Ghazizadeh
    ✔️ 24- Holding the 13th round of Iran's presidential elections
    ✔️ 25- Implementation of the presidential decree of Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi
    ✔️ 26- Changes in the corona coloring map of the provinces
    ✔️ 27- The last meeting of the 12th Government Board
    ✔️ 28- The slapping of the governor of East Azerbaijan during his induction ceremony
    ✔️ 29- Holding the meeting of the 12th Government Board in the open air and raining
    ✔️ 30- Burial of 20 anonymous martyrs in Isfahan province
    ✔️ 31- Exercise of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) 17
    ✔️ 32- Seizure of the offending tanker by the IRGC and the intervention of the American destroyer
    ✔️ 33- Parade of Iranian athletes at the opening of Tokyo 2020 Olympics
    ✔️ 34- Akbar Khorramdin's confession of killing his son
    ✔️ 35- The arrest and confession of Milad Hatami, the operator of the betting site
    ✔️ 36- The death of cinema and television actor Ezzatullah Mehravaran
    ✔️ 37- Chain accident of Behbahan-Ahvaz axis and non-operation of the airbags of the vehicles
    ✔️ 38- Viral video of Mohsen Namjoo
    ✔️ 39- The controversial live of Sahar Zakaria, a film and television actor, protesting the slow pace of vaccination
    ✔️ 40- The cries of Hashemiyeh Mottaghian at the moment of breaking the Paralympic javelin throw record
    ✔️ 41- Significant growth of nationwide vaccination against Corona
    ✔️ 42- Receiving the Iranian Barkat vaccine by the leader of the revolution
    ✔️ 43- The death of Sardar Mohammad Hijazi
    ✔️ 44- Cinema and TV actor Ali Soleimani passed away
    ✔️ 45- Hasan Yazdani's loss to American David Taylor in the finals of Tokyo Olympics 2020
    ✔️ 46- Hassan Yazdani's revenge against David Taylor and the championship in the Oslo 2021 World Wrestling Championships
    ✔️ 47- Praying a member of parliament during an official meeting
    ✔️ 48- Death of Dr. Hamidreza Sadr, university professor and football expert
    ✔️ 49- Special cooking training by movie and TV actress Maryam Amirjalali
    ✔️ 50- A large gathering of Isfahani farmers on the issue of water shortage
    ✔️ 51- Wide protests in Khuzestan on the issue of water shortage
    ✔️ 52- Hacking of the fuel system and news coverage of radio and television
    ✔️ 53- The truth about the love gem falling down
    ✔️ 54- Martyrdom of Ali Landi, a teenage hero of Izeh after saving 2 people from a fire
    ✔️ 55- Baloch girl's heartache due to water problems in Sistan and Baluchistan province
    ✔️ 56- Extreme dehydration and dryness and the destruction of livestock
    ✔️ 57- Provision of water rights in Horul Azim lagoon by releasing water from Karkheh dam
    ✔️ 58- Efforts of jihadist groups with the aim of removing deprivation
    ✔️ 59- The opening of the Zayandeh River and the happiness of the people of Isfahan
    ✔️ 60- Ritual dance of Torbat Jam region by Sunnis
    ✔️ 61- Receiving the crystal Simorgh for the lead role of the man of Chemelin at the Fajr Film Festival by Amin Hayai
    ✔️ 62- Transfer of Sardar Azmoun to Bayer Leverkusen football team
    ✔️ 63- The death of Professor Kordavani, an outstanding professor of desert science
    ✔️ 46- Viralization of the phrase "Naengi Migoli" by Mr. Khan in the funny program
    ✔️ 65- The viral interview of veteran singer Javad Yasari
    ✔️ 66- Leaving the television program by Molaverdi and Shojaei on live broadcast
    ✔️ 67- The glorious ritual of preaching the sermon on the night of Hosseini Ashura in the shrine of Imam Reza
    ✔️ 68- Funeral of Ayatollah Misbah Yazdi in Qom (1399)
    ✔️ 69- Allameh Hassan Hassanzadeh Amoli passed away
    ✔️ 70- The death of Arsha Aghdasi, stuntman and actress
    ✔️ 71- The crash of two fighter pilots in Tabriz and their crash in a deserted place which led to their martyrdom
    ✔️ 72- The tears of the daughter of fighter pilot Martyr Falahi at her father's funeral
    ✔️ 73- Confrontation of the murderer of the martyr Ali Ranjbar, a police officer of Shiraz, with the son of the martyr
    ✔️ 74- Widespread fire in Tehran refinery
    ✔️ 75- Hacking security cameras of Evin prison
    ✔️ 76- Radio and television hacking and broadcasting slogans
    ✔️ 77- Approval of the general protection plan in the parliament
    ✔️ 78- Film and TV actress Halima Saeedi passed away
    ✔️ 79- The order to liberate the sea area by the order of the president
    ✔️ 80- Frequent power outages in the summer
    ✔️ 81- The death of Fathali Owaisi, a film and television actor
    ✔️ 82- A rare scene of lightning striking Tehran's Azadi Tower
    ✔️ 83- Power cut in hospitals
    ✔️ 84- Unprecedented snowfall in some parts of the country
    ✔️ 85- Masoud Voldebigi, makeup artist and movie actor, passed away
    ✔️ 86- The performance of the flying squirrel technique by Mohammad Ali Gara in the 2022 Tokyo Olympics
    ✔️ 87- Winning the title of the best player on the field by Fatemeh Khalili Behfar in the women's handball world championships
    ✔️ 88- The presence of female spectators in the match of the national teams of Iran and Iraq
    ✔️ 89- Mehdi Taremi's super goal in the Champions Cup of European Clubs
    ✔️ 90- The promotion of the Iranian national football team to the Qatar World Cup
    ✔️ 91- The first qualification of the Iranian women's national football team to the Asian Nations Cup
    ✔️ 92- Zohra Kodai's stunning performance in the women's national football team matches and the margins after that
    ✔️ 93- The celebration of the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Tehran's Azadi Square
    ✔️ 94- Ebrahim Raisi's meeting with Russian President Putin
    ✔️ 95- Successful launch of Noor 2 satellite
    ✔️ 96- Reopening of the new Plasko building
    ✔️ 97- TV and cinema actress Zohra Fekur Sabbour passed away
    ✔️ 98- Registering the first win of an Iranian tennis player in the Grand Slam tennis match by Meshkat Al-Zahra Safi
    ✔️ 99- The question "Will they give you lunch here or not?" The President is an employee of the People and Government Communication Center in Rasht
    ✔️ 100- Viral part of Iraj Tahmasab behind the scenes of "Mahmoni" program
    ✔️ 101- Controversial presence of some bloggers in the Ministry of Sports and Youth
    ✔️ 102- The dream of Sajjad Gharibi, known as the Iranian Hulk, with his rival Martin Ford
    ✔️ 103- Baran missile of the Mossad center in Erbil, Iraq
    ✔️ 104- The championship of the sitting volleyball team in the 2022 Tokyo Paralympics
    ✔️ 105- Dollar price in the last days of the year 1400 25700 Tomans
    ✔️ 106- Sajjad Ganjzadeh fainted due to a karate mistake by Saudi Arabia
    ✔️ 107- A section of the reality show Joker and the brilliance of Gholamreza Nikkhah
    ✔️ 108- Clash and collision between a brave soldier and a thief
    ✔️ 109- Performance of Mirza Kochakh Khan by Ordvan Hatami
    ✔️ 110- Fereshte Hosseini's emotional speech while receiving the honorary diploma for the best supporting actress at the Fajr Film Festival
    ✔️ 111- Fershte Hosseini photocall
    ✔️ 112- The emotional moment of an elderly couple in the ICU of a hospital in Rasht
    ✔️ 113- The death of Mohsen Ghazi Moradi, a film and television actor
    ✔️ 114- Amir Abedzadeh's hand kiss from his father
    ✔️ 115- open heart operation Mehran Ghafourian, movie and TV actor
    ✔️ 116- Buying sandals for working children by Mehraban police in Neka city
    ✔️ 117- Viral video of the love of a daughter and a father on Instagram
    ✔️ 118- The fulfillment of the wish of an 8-year-old boy with cancer to become a policeman
    ✔️ 119- Fireworks next to Milad Tower on the occasion of 22 Bahman

  • 1- Nowruz greetings to Casillas (former goalkeeper of Spain and Real Madrid) to the people of Iran
    2- Fireworks at Tabat Bridge on the occasion of Nowruz Eid 1401
    3- The death of "Osman Mohammadparast", a prominent master of dotar and official music
    4- Death of Ayatollah Naseri and his funeral ceremony in Isfahan
    5- The funeral of "Hasan Sayad Khodayi" martyr of terror
    6- The death of the master "Amirhoshang Ebtahaj (Shade)" poet
    7- The death of "Mohammed Ali Eslami Nadushan", a writer and researcher in the field of literature
    8- Death of Nader Talebzadeh, producer and documentary maker
    9- Death of "Abul Qasim Hossein Jani" poet, writer and translator
    10- Burial of "Ayatollah Fateminia" in the shrine of Hazrat Fatima Masoumeh (PBUH)
    11- The death of Seyyed Mahmoud Doai, the head of the Information Press Institute
    12- The death of "Rostam Ghasemi", the former Minister of Oil, Roads and Urban Development
    13- The death of Manochehar Esmailzadeh, voice actor, Iran's man of a thousand dubbing voices
    14- The death of master "Jalal Maggi", the prominent figure of the art of voice-over and dubbing
    15- The death of professor "Amin Tarakh", actor of cinema and television
    16- Funeral of Ayatollah Mohammadi Ray Shahri, the first Minister of Information
    17- On the passing of the master "Mohammed Ali Karimkhani", the singer of the piece (I came, O king, give me shelter)
    18- The stabbing of three religious students in the Razavi Shrine
    19- "Shahram Abdulli" theater, cinema and television actor passed away
    20- The death of "Masoud Diani", a scholar of religion and an expert on the Surah program
    21- Death of Abbas Shibani, doctor and politician
    22- "Shehla Nazerian" passed away, a veteran speaker
    23- Ayatollah Javadi Amoli's tears over his wife's body
    24- Donating the world medal of "Mehdi Mahani" fitness champion to the Astan Qods Razavi Museum
    25- The brilliance of Laila Brothers movie at the Cannes Film Festival
    26- Asghar Farhadi's presence in the jury of the Cannes Film Festival
    27- Ali Daei's presence at the 2022 World Cup draw ceremony
    28- The arrival of a large wave of fine dust from the western borders and air pollution in 25 provinces of the country
    29- A video of Hossein Abdulbaghi, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Abdulbaghi Holding and the owner of the Abadan Metropol building.
    30- The moment of the collapse of the Metropol building
    31- Local mourning and mourning of the people of Abadan for the victims of the Metropol accident
    32- Comprehensive video of pulling out the injured boy from the rubble of the Metropol building
    33- A man looking for his brother in the ruins of Metropol
    34- Mourning and showing the photo of the young couple who died in the Metropol accident
    35- Assistance of rescue and jihadist forces in the Metropol incident
    36- Mourning and mourning of Abadan people
    37- Comprehensive video of mourning and breast-feeding of Abadani woman
    38- Comprehensive video of Mr. Khan's condolences for the victims of the Metropol accident
    39- 3D illumination of "Abadan Teslat" on Azadi Tower
    40- Aerial view of the debris removal of the Metropol building
    41- The presence of the Minister of Interior at the site of the Metropol accident
    42- Abadani young girl's thanks to the rescue forces
    43- Comprehensive video of the soldiers' military respect for the people of Abadan
    44- Collective mourning of women for the dead of Metropol
    45- Lorfte video of Sasi Manken's wedding with the presence of Ehsan Karmi and Barzo Arjamand
    46- Radio interview with Hossein Abdulbaghi's brother
    47- Comprehensive video of Mohammad Esfahani's live performance
    48- Summer floods in some provinces of the country
    49- Flooding inside Dawood Imamzadeh in Tehran and destroying a part of it
    50- Terrible moments when two children were caught in the flood of Rusk city
    51- The happiness of the farmer of Firouzabadi when the river started flowing again after the drought
    52- Children swimming in floods
    53- People of Isfahan welcomed the flowing of Zayandeh River
    54- The water overflowing of the Aligudarz river dam
    55- Providing aid to the armed forces, jihadi groups and the Red Crescent to the flooded areas
    56- Aerial pictures of the flooded area of Imamzadeh Dawood, Tehran
    57- Nationwide mourning of the people in the month of Muharram
    58- The presence of millions of Iranian mourners in Hosseini's Arbaeen
    59- The spread of the "Commander's Salam Anthem"
    60- Conducting the commander's greeting ceremony in all parts of the country
    61- Sending the fourth and fifth Iranian tankers to Venezuela
    62- Unveiling of an advanced Iranian ship named after Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani
    63- Seizure of 2 Greek oil tankers by the IRGC
    64- The fight between two women over the type of clothing in the BART bus
    65- Causing trouble for Parviz Parastowii on the sidelines of a movie launch in Los Angeles
    66- The humiliating defeat of Sajjad Al-Karuk in the fight against the Kazakh athlete
    67- Funny and comprehensive video of the moment of taking a blood test from a sweet-tongued child
    68- Championship of Khatun Bam football team in women's football league
    69- Mazandaran textile football team won the knockout cup
    70- Championship of the national wrestling team in the 2022 World Cup
    71- Zeroing the number of corona deaths after 2 years and 100 days
    72- The strange fan of Mohammad Reza in the world championship!
    73- The joy of Shahnaz Yari (Iranian head coach of the Iraqi women's national futsal team) after hearing the news of the victory of the students of Mohammad Nazim al-Sharia (Iranian head coach of the Iraqi men's national team) on the live broadcast of Iraqi TV.
    74- Awarding the best film of the Horizons section of the Venice Film Festival to Homan Sidi
    75- Reza Ruigiri, a veteran actor in a nursing home
    76- Awarding the best actor award in the Horizons section of the Venice Film Festival to Mohsen Tanabandeh
    77- Championship of Esteghlal football team in Premier League
    78- Winning the third place in the world of the national indoor hockey team of Iran in the World Cup
    79- The championship of the Iranian national teams in the international Olympiads of "Biology" and "Astronomy and Astrophysics"
    80- Iran's girls volleyball players advanced to the final stage of the Islamic countries competition and won the silver medal
    81- The meeting of the presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey at the meeting of the Astana countries in Tehran
    82- One gold and two bronzes of Seyedah Elham Hosseini, an Iranian weightlifter in Islamic countries competitions and three golds in the Asian Championship.
    83- The historical championship of Iranian taekwondo women in Asia
    84- A video of the preservation of the endangered Balochi black bear "Lalin", which was prevented from being smuggled
    85- The margins of a group meeting of women with the leadership
    86- Surrounding video of a musician singing for the army in the subway
    87- Welcoming the character of the child in the party program
    88- The arrest of 304 thugs and mobs in the security police authority plan
    89- The announcement of the gender change of movie actor Maziar Lorestani
    90- The published video of the moment when the late Mahsa Amini fainted
    91- Demonstrations in Iranian cities protesting the death of Mahsa Amini
    92- Extensive coverage of the news of Mehsa Amini's death and the unrest in Iran on satellite and television networks around the world - breaking the Twitter record with #Mehsa_Amini
    93- The picture of the girl who announced in an interview with "BBC Farsi" is not a Najafi hadith - Women and girls protest against the hijab law
    94- Countering the anti-riot forces with a water sprinkler machine
    95- Attack on police cars
    96- CCTV footage of riot police brutality
    97- Violent treatment of some security forces during protests
    98- Rioters pulling the veil of a veiled woman - Widespread video of the non-conflict of security officers with a woman without a veil - A police officer was set on fire during the protests.
    99- The gathering of the people of Tehran in the community of "Ummat Rasoolullah" to condemn the desecration of the tent
    100- Violent treatment of some security forces during the protests
    101- Pictures of burning police car, security officer's motorcycle and destruction of property and public places
    102- Images of attack on rescue vehicles
    103- The presence of many separatist groups, supporters of sexual abnormalities in the demonstrations of the opponents of the Islamic Republic in Berlin
    104- Aerial picture of the meeting of opponents of the Islamic Republic in Berlin
    105- Nudity protest in the protests against the Islamic Republic in the Netherlands
    106- The hacking of "News 21" and the comprehensive image of the news anchor's reaction
    107- Controversial video of a female fan of the national team speaking English in the Qatar World Cup
    108- Iranian missiles hit the headquarters of the "Democrat Party" in Iraqi Kurdistan during a television interview of one of the leaders of this party
    109- Fire in Evin prison
    110- The photo taken of Reza Pahlavi by "Adl Ali" hacker group
    111- Severe disturbances in Iran's Internet and Instagram and WhatsApp filtering
    112- Surrounding voice of a childish conversation of a mother with her child
    113- ISIS terrorist attack on the shrine of Shahcheragh in Shiraz
    114- "Artin", an injured child who lost his father, mother and brother in the Shahcheragh terrorist incident
    115- Betabi, the daughter of Ferishte Ahmadi, a woman who was murdered in her home during the unrest in Mahabad.
    116- "Kian Pir Falak", a 9-year-old child who was martyred in the terrorist attacks in Izeh
    117- Mass attack of rioters on a policeman during the riots
    118- The moment when the CCTV cameras were disabled by the shooting of the Izeh terrorists, hours before the martyrdom of Kian Pirflek.
    119- Throwing a Molotov cocktail at the police
    120- Shocking video of the attack and torture of Martyr Arman Ali Vardi by the mob
    121- The moment of Martyrdom of Martyr Ruhollah Ajamian Basij Karaji
    122- Attack on police and police soldiers in Karaj
    123- The video broadcast of Amjad Amini and his reference to Mahsa Amini's surgery as a child
    124- Sending off and sending the national football team to the Qatar World Cup
    125- Biranund's severe injury and Iran's defeat against England in the World Cup
    126- The union ring of national football team players after a loss
    127- Roozbe Cheshmi's goal and Iran's victory against Wales in the World Cup
    128- The interesting joy of Sardar Azmoun with Carlos Queiroz
    129- Ramin Rezaian's tears after scoring a goal against Wales
    130- Ali Swadkohi's breathtaking victory against Jordan Burrows
    131- A video of "Amid" the Siberian tern, together with "Roya" the Belgian tern in Fereydon Kenar International Wetland
    132- A video of firing a cruise missile from IRGC speedboats
    133- The moment of sub-orbital launch of Qam 100 satellite
    134- Unveiling the first underground base of the Army Air Force
    135- Inauguration of the country's largest water desalination facility in Bushehr
    136- The last picture left of Pirouz in the arms of his nurse Alireza Shahrdari
    137- New pictures from the game of Azar and Turan two Iranian youths on the eve of 100 days
    138- The release of 14 Iranian fishermen after 8 years of captivity by the Al-Shabaab terrorist group in Somalia
    139- Widespread snowfall and rain in the country
    140- Freezing of Zayandeh Rood dam
    141- Snowfall in the Shrine of Imam Reza (AS)
    142- Unprecedented cold weather in Iran
    143- Airborne relief of the army to remote villages stuck in snow
    144- The brilliance of Iranian basketball girls under 16 years of age in the Asian Championship
    145- Semaneh Bairami, a girl skier from Iran, made it to the finals of the world championship for the first time
    146- Iran's beach football championship in the Intercontinental Cup
    147- Awarding the Grammy Award to the piece "For" by Shervin Hajipour
    148- Unsuccessful attack on one of the workshop complexes of the Ministry of Defense in Isfahan province
    149- Individual armed attack on the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tehran
    150- The opening of the National Observatory of Iran after years of waiting
    151- Showing the photo of Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani at the United Nations by the President
    152- The runner-up of the national women's ice hockey team of Iran in the tournament of Islamic countries
    153- The brilliance of Iran's under-16 basketball girls in the Asian Championship
    154- The special reaction of girls after seeing the leadership in the Angels Festival
    155- Holding a march on 22 Bahman after Corona
    156- Chain poisoning in girls' schools in Iran
    157- Efforts of people and parents of poisoned students to open the way for an ambulance
    158- Inappropriate treatment of a woman in front of the girls' school on the sidelines of serial poisonings
    159- The popularity of the song "Gangster Amol" and playing it by the teacher blogger Ghaem Shahri in the classroom
    160- Holding the 41st Fajr Film Festival
    161- The judgment of Golareh Nazimi, the first Iranian female referee in the Men's Futsal World Cup
    162- Inauguration of water transfer project to Lake Urmia with the presence of the President
    163- The crash of the sports minister's helicopter and his companions and the death of Ismail Ahmadi, the minister's advisor
    164- 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Khoi
    165- Providing relief to the earthquake affected areas of Khoi by Jihadi, relief and military forces
    166- Strong exchange rate fluctuations in the country
    167- Hadi Chopan's championship in the Mr. Olympia World Championship and his talk about his interest in Iran
    168- The death of professor Ahmad Mahdavi Damghani, Iranian writer and research institute and former professor of Tehran University and Harvard University
    169- Farzaneh Fasihi won the 60m double gold medal in the Asian Hall and presented her medal to the people of Iran.
    170- Mehdi Tarimi's consecutive brilliance in the Portuguese league, the European Champions League and the Iranian national team
    171- The funeral ceremony of security defender martyrs
    172- Burial of the martyred fireman Gharibreza Darabi
    173- The resumption of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia after 7 years
    174- Mass attendance of people to pray in Mashhad after the terrorist incident
    175- The Grand Opening of Hazrat Mahdi Hospital
    176- Unveiling of Shahid Mahdavi ocean liner
    177- Gold medal winning by Hashemiyeh Mottaghian in the UAE Para Athletics Grand Prix
    178- Maryam Khodabandeh won the gold medal of the Asia-Pacific Pumice Championship
    179- The world championship of the national volleyball team
    Sitting in Iran for the eighth time
    180- The fascinating video of the fireworks of the capital on the night of 22 February


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